Accommodation in Pakistan

With a few exceptions, much of the accommodation in Pakistan is fairly expensive and not particularly well set up for budget backpackers. On some occasions, police would take me directly to a hotel and insist I stayed there; you can sometimes get out of this but other times you cannot. There is some backpacker friendly accommodation around and, during low-season anyway, it’s possible to score a room for around 500 rupees (five dollars). I recommend Couchsurfing in Pakistan wherever possible, you’ll meet some amazing people, and bringing a tent or camping hammock for trekking.

Below is a list of cheap backpacker style accommodation options in Pakistan…  I highly recommend downloading the free app,, it works in Pakistan and you can use it without phone signal as long as you have previously downloaded the region you are exploring. You can then type in the GPS codes listed below and find the accommodation with less hassle – we have tried to make the GPS codes as accurate as possible but it has all been done through Google maps and memory.


Most places around Pakistan also have a PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) Motel and although these aren’t the cheapest, they are a solid bet for foreigners. A big thanks to veteran adventurer Olly Manson for doing a lot of the leg-work on this table.